October 30th, 2008

Solution Spotlight: GC LiveCat™ and GC ForeCat™

Posted at 6:12 PM ET

GC LiveCat and GC ForeCat help you assess the impact of Atlantic hurricane activity—and potential losses—on your U.S. risk portfolio. With deeper detail, Guy Carpenter’s clients now have access to improved risk management capabilities, enabling them to manage their reinsurance purchases more effectively. GC ForeCat offers a detailed monthly pre-season hurricane landfall rate forecast from December through April, for four defined regions along the Atlantic Hurricane Basin, prior to the upcoming hurricane season. GC LiveCat delivers a forecast of 10 days—updated every twelve hours—for named storms in the Atlantic Hurricane Basin, along with probabilities of landfall by gate.

For Guy Carpenter clients who have their property portfolios in i-aXs®, GC LiveCat also provides conditional exceedance curves for clients. Both products include cutting-edge meteorological models to the track and intensity of hurricanes, which were developed in coordination with WSI Corporation (the world’s leading provider of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the aviation, media, energy, and insurance markets).

Download the GC LiveCat and GC ForeCat fact sheet >>

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