November 6th, 2008

Solution Spotlight: MetaRisk®

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

MetaRisk®, the (re)insurance industry’s original decision support tool, has helped insurance companies make analytically informed decisions about their risk and capital management for nearly two decades. MetaRisk has been expanded to give you a full economic capital model with complete transparency. It can be used to data-mine the causes of risk and the financial consequences.  You can evaluate alternative risk and capital management opportunities and anticipate their impacts on your company’s balance sheet … before you have to make a commitment.

At its core, MetaRisk is a flexible tool that helps you measure and evaluate insurance liabilities and risk management in terms of economic capital. The effects of risk management decisions on your firm’s capital requirements (and cost) is increasingly important, especially as economic capital standards are gaining ground with rating agencies and regulators.  MetaRisk helps you to embrace statistical risk management information in your decision-making, using the metrics that are most meaningful to your management and your stakeholders.

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