March 19th, 2010

Week’s Top Stories: Mar 13 - 19, 2010

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Medical Professional Liability Renewals Update:     Insurers continued to post favorable results, with the medical malpractice class generating the highest return on equity for all commercial lines. The record industry profitability was fueled by historically low claims frequency, moderate claims severity and the release of loss reserve redundancies.

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Casualty 1/1 Renewals in Key Regions: Part I, Overview and United Kingdom:    Casualty insurers, not immune to declining exposure on which their rates are based, saw declines in premium income. The leading concerns for motor and employers liability insurers were rises in frequency and severity of bodily injury awards and a reduced ability to bolster results with prior year reserve releases or investment returns. In addition, the recessionary environment resulted in more fraudulent claims. The pricing outlook for 2010 is more positive, but threats continue to loom on the horizon. Capacity remained abundant and the Internet promises to keep motor insurance competition sharp as price comparison websites become more prevalent. Motor reinsurance rates varied widely depending on country experience.

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Risk Management Lessons from the Olympics: Guy Carpenter’s Chief Actuary Offers Some Observations:     Winter sports are known for their inherent high levels of riskiness, so it should not be too surprising that some valuable lessons related to “personal risk management behavior” can be drawn from the way the athletes make decisions and how the competitions are conducted and judged. As risk professionals, when we watch the action on the snowy mountains and icy rinks, we can get another view on the choices made in the taking of risk or in mitigating risk. Here are just a few lessons that offer additional insights.

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Aviation Market Struggling to Rebound: Part I, Disastrous 2009 and New Capacity: Despite the slight rate increases that aviation underwriters experienced in the final quarter of 2008, as 2009 began they could foresee another difficult year ahead. The events of September 11, 2001 left the insurance and reinsurance markets reeling. Immediate rate rises enabled the market to rebound. However, an improvement in aviation operational safety standards and a lack of major liability losses in the intervening years created an environment where premium levels fell, year on year. Aviation insurers had cause for concern.

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1/1 Renewal: Personal Accident:    On the primary side, the personal accident market continued to attract new entrants globally. Despite material personal accident losses from the Colgan Air and Air France air crashes, direct rates continued to see downward pressure along with demands for larger limits. Reinsurance capacity in the personal accident segment continued to grow as a function of the new entrants in the Life/PA catastrophe space. New markets willing to write catastrophe risk were also willing to entertain per person risk.

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Lloyd’s: A Resurgent Market, Part I: Overview, Underwriting and Operating Performance:    Lloyd’s, poised to strongly capitalize on opportunities as 2009 began, saw its competitive position continue to strengthen during the year. The resilience of operating performance and capitalization to the very challenging economic environment of the past 18 months, coupled with a continued reduction in the number of legacy issues, has been rewarded. Market share gains, rating affirmations and continued strong investor interest prevailed.

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