March 25th, 2010

The First Annual Report of the Guy Carpenter Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre

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The Guy Carpenter Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre (GCACIC) was established in June 2008 through a donation from Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC and matching funding from the Universities Grants Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and City University of Hong Kong.

GCACIC’s aim is to enhance the understanding of climate-related perils in the Asia/Pacific region. The Centre has just published its inaugural Annual Report, which summarizes the research activities of the Centre from its inception in June 2008 to December 2009.

These activities mainly fall into four groups:

  • Typhoons/tropical cyclones studies. In the area of tropical cyclones, the Centre developed seasonal forecast schemes for real-time predictions of tropical cyclone activities in various regions of Asia. Their studies looked at the variations of tropical cyclone activity in these regions and provided physical explanations of the variations, based on analyses of atmospheric and oceanographic data. They also examined the possible effect of global warming on tropical cyclone activity.
  • Monsoon studies. GCACIC investigated the possible reasons for the cold winter of 2008 in southern China, the interdecadal variability of both the summer and winter monsoon circulations in East Asia, and provided physical explanations of the variables. They also developed the capability of simulating and modeling the monsoon activity in East Asia with a global climate model.
  • General climate studies. GCACIC mainly focused on how global warming might affect/have affected the frequency of occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon, as well as sea-level changes and ocean currents.
  • Air pollution studies. The Centre examined the changes in aerosol and trace gas concentrations due to human activities, which will form a basis for understanding how such activities may affect local climate.

Looking ahead, GCACIC expects that their research will continue in these areas. They will focus both on the understanding of the physical causes of changes of various climate phenomena that have impact on the Asia-Pacific region and on the predictions of such phenomena as well as their projections under different global warming scenarios. These studies will be based on both statistical analyses of past data and computer simulations.

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