April 15th, 2010

Solvency II - Approval of Internal Models: Article Link Index

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The Committee of European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Supervisors (CEIOPS) published many consultation papers in 2009 focusing on Level 2 implementation measures for Solvency II. Consultation Paper (CP) 37 addressed the procedures for approval of internal models. It was followed by a final paper entitled “CEIOPS Advice for Level 2 Implementing Measures on Solvency II ‘The procedure to be followed for the approval of an internal model’”, published in October, 2009.

This series reviews the implementation measures described in the final papers. Implementation measures for the use of partial internal models are briefly described in these two CEIOPS papers. A separate consultation paper, CP 65, proposed specific implementation measures for approval of a partial internal model when it is used in conjunction with the Solvency II Standard Formula. Those specific implementation measures will be covered in a future briefing.

Solvency II - Approval of Internal Models:  Part I: Introduction & Prerequisites for Approval >>

Solvency II - Approval of Internal Models:  Part II: The Approval Process >>

Solvency II - Approval of Internal Models:   Part III: The Approval Timeline, Approach for Group Internal Models & Conclusions >>

Solvency II - Approval of Internal Models:  Part IV:  Appendices >> 


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