June 2nd, 2011

Florida Reinsurance Renewal June 1, 2011: Figure 4: 2006 to 2011 Florida Pricing Comparison

Posted at 7:56 AM ET

Figure 4: 2006 to 2011 Florida Pricing Comparison


Taking a historical view of pricing in Florida, and using the RMS v9 results to represent the shift in pricing from 2010 to 2011, the overall result is that Florida pricing remains in the same band that pricing has fluctuated in for the previous four years (Figure 4). The chart below sets 2006 pricing equal to 100 with the adjustment in price in subsequent years represented as the change from this starting point. Including some weighting for the new AIR and RMS model versions in the analysis shifts the perceived price change significantly. This is represented on the chart by the dotted lines.

Source: Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC

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