August 29th, 2011

Terrorism: Guy Carpenter Solutions

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Guy Carpenter offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help clients manage their terrorism risks. i-aXs®, our web-based data management platform, allows insurers to quantify their exposure to a potential terrorist attack and highlight concentrated areas in their portfolio. Managing exposure to terrorism loss is an integral function within i-aXs, with several different tools available to help insurers assess their largest levels of accumulation.

These global proprietary terrorism exposure reports are available within i-aXs:

  • Cluster Accumulation (clusters of total exposure within grid points spaced at various grid sizes)
  • Portfolio Accumulation (top portfolio accumulations for 1, 0.5, and 0.25 mile radiuses)
  • Terror Accumulation (portfolio terror for all targets by total exposure and zone)
  • Terror Target by Zone Accumulation (terror accumulation for global portfolios using targets from Exclusive Analysis, RMS and Guy Carpenter compiled databases)

Hazard layers embedded within the system allow users to calculate their exposure in relation to several terror target lists. The i-aXs AccumulatoriX tool assists insurers in managing their aggregate concentrations to terror loss. By calculating risk concentrations around defined terror targets, insurers can effectively manage their insurance portfolio. Unlike other accumulation tools, output is produced instantly in both map and grid formats.

Thematically shaded maps and satellite imagery along with easy-to-understand reports provide detailed accumulation information within a user-defined geographic range.

i-aXs Map showing Exposure to Terror Targets in Paris


i-aXs allows companies to measure parameters such as total insured value, exposed limits, risk count, deductibles and premiums. Users can also drill down to individual policy details within terror accumulations such as construction type or line of business.

Other tools are available in i-aXs. Risk ProfileriX assesses new locations and combines them with existing portfolios to determine proximity to terror targets and risks already in a portfolio. The tool also allows an overlay of infrastructure maps such as highways, railways and airports, while it geocodes the risk and accesses a satellite image. RealCatiX (patent number 7,949,548), meanwhile,evaluates loss potential from the very onset of an event and delivers insight and provides guidance all the way through the claims management process. Such an event would include a major terrorist attack , such as a large scale bomb blast, impacting a significant geographic area.

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