June 28th, 2012

Stories from Guy Carpenter’s Chief Casualty Specialty Actuary

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

leong_jessica_gcciHere we highlight recent GC Capital Ideas’ stories from Guy Carpenter’s Chief Casualty Specialty Actuary, Jessica Leong.

Calling All General Insurance Reserving Actuaries: Does the Bootstrap Model “Work”? Guy Carpenter’s extensive back-testing of reserve distributions created using the popular paid chain ladder bootstrap method has shown that these distributions materially under-estimate reserve risk.

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MetaRisk® ReserveTM: How to Get Ahead of the Reserving Cycle:  The impact of claims inflation on eroding returns is among the most vexing challenges that insurers face. Getting ahead of the reserving cycle would be a significant competitive advantage, but many carriers do not have the right tools at their disposal. As a result, the ability to hit target return on equity (ROE) levels is put at risk, and firm value hangs in the balance.

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