October 29th, 2012

Guy Carpenter Launches GC ProfitPoint+(SM)

Posted at 7:00 AM ET

Guy Carpenter announced the release of GC ProfitPoint+ (1), an integrated portfolio management solution designed to help insurance companies improve profitability, enhance underwriting performance and drive growth.

A single, easy-to-use solution, GC ProfitPoint+ delivers powerful portfolio planning and point-of-sale capabilities so insurers can set, calibrate and monitor risk management strategy, while enabling line underwriters and agents to make more informed decisions about individual policies prior to binding.

“With historically low investment returns and lingering weakness in the economy, insurers are faced with increasing pressure to drive profitability through solid underwriting results. In an industry predicated on data analysis, insurers often find themselves inundated with massive amounts of information that is fragmented and, therefore, not easily translated into actionable business intelligence,” commented Andrew Marcell, CEO of U.S. Operations for Guy Carpenter. “By bringing together risk insights previously assessed in isolation and coupling it with powerful analytical techniques, GC ProfitPoint+ enables insurers to transform the way they view risk and develop business strategy.”

GC ProfitPoint+ leverages advanced portfolio management and visualization techniques alongside predictive analytics to perform holistic profitability analyses and achieve an optimal portfolio mix. Its mobile-enabled interface delivers a comprehensive overview of an insurer’s portfolio, as well as the tools to help them examine and compare how different underwriting scenarios may impact profitability. GC ProfitPoint+ can also be integrated into insurers underwriting systems to help line underwriters with point-of-sale decision-making about individual risks.

“A disciplined underwriting strategy is a crucial component of driving profitable growth for insurers, now more than ever. It takes a careful balance of detailed risk analysis and prudent portfolio-level planning, as well as the insight and perspective gained by having a clear vision of where you are, where you need to go, and what it will take to get there. GC ProfitPoint+ helps insurers reach their long-term business goals and gain a competitive advantage in the market,” commented John Tedeschi, Head of GC Analytics® - Americas.

“GC ProfitPoint+ demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients achieve profitable growth,” added Mr. Marcell. “Guy Carpenter has a long history of investing in innovation, and we are dedicated to continuing to deliver solutions for increasingly complex business challenges.”


1. Patent Pending

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