October 31st, 2012

Powerful Portfolio Planning and Point-of-Sale Capabilities Help Insurers Set Strategy and Drive Profitability

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Subhashish Dutta, Head of Global Research and Development and Thomas Clift, Managing Director

GC ProfitPoint+ SM, unveiled this week by Guy Carpenter, delivers powerful portfolio planning and point-of-sale capabilities allowing insurers to set, calibrate and monitor risk management strategy. A single, easy-to-use solution, it enables line underwriters and agents to make informed decisions about individual policies by drawing on the robust analytical capabilities and insurance industry insight of Guy Carpenter. It crystallizes the business results of portfolio strategy that would otherwise take insurers weeks to analyze.

By bringing together data previously viewed in isolation and coupling it with powerful analytical techniques, GC ProfitPoint+ enables insurers to enhance underwriting discipline, improve profitability and drive growth.

In recent years the insurance industry has been challenged to achieve acceptable underwriting returns, and at the same time an increasingly dynamic “big data” environment is creating new opportunities to uncover information that can impact the bottom line. It takes a skillful balance of detailed risk analysis and portfolio planning to develop an underwriting strategy that drives profitable growth.

GC ProfitPoint+ technology couples point of sale decisions with comprehensive strategic risk management concepts, enabling senior managers to focus on key information, identify untapped opportunities and plan with a higher level of confidence when deploying capital.

Portfolio Planning

GC ProfitPoint+ leverages advanced strategic risk management and visualization techniques, including predictive analytics, to perform comprehensive profitability analyses of a property portfolio. Accessed through web and mobile-enabled interfaces, it enables the C Suite to contrast key performance indicators and familiar financial metrics with past, present and potential go-forward underwriting scenarios. It allows managers to uncover new opportunities and easily examine multiple underwriting scenarios.

Guy Carpenter clients can uncover numerous strategic directions based on potential rate changes, non-renewals and growth/contraction strategies to identify the desired mix that produces the results they seek.

Management can readily access and generate graphs and charts of key performance metrics to highlight problematic and well-performing segments of the in-force portfolio. This comprehensive view of profitability components can be monitored against target goals, and features a customized early warning system to detect adverse trends in the portfolio, allowing corrective action sooner.

Companies can analyze single or multiple variables and visually depict how various combinations of risk characteristics and locations are driving profitability. This multi-dimensional perspective yields a new level of actionable intelligence that informs strategic decisions - allowing clients to quickly address key needs, leverage hidden opportunities and strategically plan with a higher level of performance and confidence.

Point-of-Sale Capability

Integrating GC ProfitPoint+ into an underwriting system also provides directional guidance on the potential performance of individual risks. It enables line underwriters and agents to make better informed decisions about individual policies by contemplating the full complement of policy underwriting costs (catastrophe loss, non-catastrophe loss, reinsurance cost, cost of capital and other expenses) specific to the individual company. Results are fast and workflow is not impeded, due to the integration of the solution into the insurer’s existing underwriting system.


In developing GC ProfitPoint+, Guy Carpenter has paired cutting edge technology with the integration of our proven solutions in advanced portfolio management techniques, reinsurance cost analysis, policy profitability and cost-of-capital analysis.

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