November 15th, 2012

Guy Carpenter Publishes Second Annual Insurance Risk Benchmarks Report

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Guy Carpenter has published its second annual Insurance Risk Benchmarks, a resource designed to help insurers assess risk parameters and improve economic capital modeling. The report provides benchmarks for underwriting and reserve risk by line of business and by industry segment for U.S. exposures, and can be used by insurers when benchmarking their economic capital models.

Presented at the Guy Carpenter ERM Conference in Chicago, the 2012 report has been enhanced to offer a wider range of benchmarks, including payment and reserve cycle patterns by line of business. The report provides risk benchmarks not only for the insurance industry as a whole, but also by five distinct industry segments, including large national, super regional, small regional, specialty writer and reinsurer.

The risk benchmarks are based on proprietary analyses of an extensive database of industry information that includes the reported financial results of hundreds of insurance companies over a more than thirty year period. The report is published in conjunction with Risk Lighthouse, LLC, a research firm specializing in the development of economic risk intelligence, risk indices and modeling tools for the financial and insurance industries.

The Insurance Risk Benchmarks report is available upon request exclusively to clients of Guy Carpenter.

Don Mango, Head of Global Advisory, said, ”The genesis of the risk benchmarks report was to help insurers improve their economic capital modeling. Now, in its second iteration, the report has been updated to include a wider range of benchmarks to better guide our clients as they assess risks and estimate reserves. As we continue to enhance and improve each annual edition of the report, we will be able to help our clients in applying economic capital output to strategic decision-making in areas such as capital adequacy, capital allocation and articulation of risk preferences.”

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