February 11th, 2013

Supply Chain Risk

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Here we review the recent GC Capital Ideas stories that have dealt with supply chain risk. 

Contingent Business Interruption: Life Support for Industry:  the insurance industry contemplates the concept of supply chain risk, questioning whether it is a threat or an opportunity. The industry is undecided whether CBI coverage should be enthusiastically marketed as a positive differentiator or consigned to the “accommodation business” category. 

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Global Losses of 2011 Changed the Perception of Risk: Over the last few years, the global (re)insurance sector has seen significant increases in cold spot catastrophe losses. This growing trend refers to exposures in territories that have historically been considered non-peak zones and are unmodeled or inadequately modeled. It is also a by-product of the increasingly global economy in which (re)insurers operate and the growing demand for (re)insurance in emerging and developing territories.

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Thailand Flood 2011: Executive Summary: In 2011, Thailand experienced its worst flooding in years, leaving more than 800 people dead and causing severe damage across northern and central regions of the country. The floods, lasting a few months, severely damaged and disrupted manufacturing operations in Thailand.

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Guy Carpenter Asia Pacific Catastrophe Report 2012; Executive Summary: The Thai floods emphasized the need not only to understand asset concentrations better but also the fragility of global supply chains. Not only were these property damage losses modeled on a rudimentary basis if at all, but business interruption losses and supply chain disruption were completely unmodeled.

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Global Perils: The Tohoku earthquake/tsunami and the Thai floods revealed risks that (re)insurers had not previously considered, with CBI claims - resulting from supply chain failure - accounting for a large share of insured losses.

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