May 6th, 2013

Recent Terrorism Stories on GC Capital Ideas

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Here we review recent GC Capital Ideas stories that cover terrorism. 

Chart: Countries Operating Compulsory or Optional Terrorism Pools:  A summary of the compulsory and optional terrorism pools that operate around the globe.

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Legislation Surrounding Insurance Covering Terrorist Acts: Here we review past GC Capital Ideas stories that have focused on legislation surrounding insurance covering terrorist acts.

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Reevaluation of Terrorism Risk and Coverage Prompted by Global Unrest and Political Instability: The dramatic rise in political instability and civil unrest across the globe, including uprisings in the Middle East and protests in Greece and Spain, has triggered a significant shift in the nature of terrorism risk and has highlighted the need for tailored terrorism and political violence protection, according to “Tensions Building: the Changing Nature of Terrorism Risk and Coverage,” by Guy Carpenter.

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Terrorism Risks: Guy Carpenter Solutions: Guy Carpenter offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help clients manage their terrorism risks. i-aXs®, our web-based data management platform, allows insurers to quantify their exposure to a potential terrorist attack and highlight concentrated areas in their portfolio. Managing exposure to terrorism loss is an integral function within i-aXs, with several different tools on offer to help insurers assess their largest levels of accumulation.

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