July 30th, 2013

Specialty Insurance Program Issuing Carrier Survey from Guy Carpenter

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

The PA/MGA market continues to thrive. Over the course of the last eight years, through our annual survey, Guy Carpenter has tracked the market from the carriers’ perspective. The 2012 results reflect change, flexibility, growth opportunities and an exciting outlook for 2013. As the entrepreneurial spirit of the PAs and MGAs pushes them to look for ways to profitably expand and grow their business, their carrier partners appear poised to work with them in order to find solutions to assist in that growth. The PA/MGA space remains an underwriting arena and as such it will be driven by underwriting profit. Hopefully, the results of this year’s survey have provided some insight into what program carriers are looking to do in order to achieve mutual growth and profitability with their partners in this vibrant insurance market segment.

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