September 7th, 2013

GC Videocast - Rendez-Vous Press Briefing 2013 (Richard Booth) Opportunities for Growth

Posted at 3:05 PM ET

mc2013-rb_anim_2013Richard Booth, Vice Chairman, Guy Carpenter, considers where opportunities for growth might lie in today’s market.  Both emerging and mature risks afford such opportunities. “Take catastrophe risk,” he said. “A common view is that this is a saturated commodity market, yet between 1970 and 2012 70 per cent of total global economic losses from natural catastrophes were not insured amounting to US$1.7 trillion. The gap between economic and insured catastrophe losses continues to widen.” He added: “Elsewhere, new risks such as cyber risk, renewable energy, food and water security, urbanization, growing prosperity and longevity to name but a few present opportunities and gaps that can be filled by insurers and reinsurers.”


Richard Booth: Guy Carpenter Monte Carlo Press Briefing, 2013 from Guy Carpenter on Vimeo.

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