April 22nd, 2014

GC Capital Ideas Review of Terrorism’s Impact on Insurance and Technology

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Here we review some recent GC Capital Ideas stories related to the issue of terrorism, addressing the impact on both the insurance industry and technology:

Chart: Countries Operating Compulsory or Optional Terrorism Pools:  A summary of the compulsory and optional terrorism pools that operate around the globe. 

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Guy Carpenter Insights on A.M. Best’s 2013 Updates: A.M. Best has recently issued several insurance ratings updates. Among them, insurers that are overly dependent on the Terrorism Risk Insurance Authorization Act (TRIPRA) may face negative rating pressure when the act expires at the end of 2014. A.M. Best continues to assess the impact of terrorism risk exposure relative to BCAR levels in its discussions with carriers.

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Range of Cyber Risks: Cyber risks range from legal liability and computer security breaches to privacy breaches of confidential information. Data breaches typically involve the intent to either copy, extract or destroy data. However, the risks that companies face transcend simple data incidents and often include the broader range of perils associated with the structural vulnerability of our economy to failures of technology generally. Further risks include cyber extortion, cyber terrorism, loss of revenue due to a computer attack, recovery costs, reputational damage and supply chain disruption.

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