June 18th, 2014

Recent CAT-i Reports On Storm Activity

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Following a period of benign storm activity, weather patterns have shifted into a more active pattern producing heavy rains, high winds and substantial losses. Here are four CAT-i storm reports on volatile storm activity within the past six weeks.

Severe Weather Outbreak in U.S.: June 16, 2014: An especially volatile environment produced a violent severe weather outbreak yesterday affecting areas of Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin. Severe to complete property damage was reported in Pilger, Nebraska and surrounding areas. Initial evidence indicates two tornadoes in close proximity near Pilger, with EF-2 to EF-3 intensities.

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Severe Weather Outbreak In U.S.: June 3, 2014: A severe weather outbreak led to excessive wind gusts, significant hail, and a handful of tornadoes on June 3, according to reports. The area most severely affected covers the eastern two thirds of Nebraska together with portions of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Illinois.

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Balkans Floods: Heavy rain has caused widespread flooding across several countries in the Balkans region of Southeast Europe. Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia were badly affected by the floods in May. According to Serbia’s Meteorological Institute, three months’ worth of rain fell in just three days in mid-May, resulting in the worst floods to hit the country since rainfall measurements began some 120 years ago. Bosnia also experienced its heaviest rainfall since records began in 1894, reports said.

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Severe Weather Outbreak in U.S.: April 26 to 30, 2014: A multi-day severe weather outbreak rendered severe impacts from April 26 to 30 affecting a large area of the United States. The outbreak is occurring along a powerful spring frontal system that evolved from the Southern Rockies and pressed towards the Southern Great Lakes and is now affecting the Atlantic Coast. According to the U.S. Storm Prediction Center (SPC), there are widespread reports of straight-line (nontornadic) wind and hail over the Southern States, Midwest and Lower Great Lakes. Tornado reports are widespread, with strong to violent tornadoes reported in states including Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, Iowa and Mississippi. Severe flooding has also been reported in Alabama and Florida.

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