September 13th, 2014

GC Videocast - Rendez-Vous Press Briefing 2014, Concluding Remarks (Alex Moczarski)

Posted at 2:19 PM ET

2014-sep-mc-moczarski-photo1Alex Moczarski, President and CEO, Guy Carpenter and Chairman, Marsh & McLennan Companies International, provides concluding remarks at the Guy Carpenter press briefing at the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous in this GC Capital Ideas videocast.  He said  “The focus for many in the industry continues to be on the deflationary effect of excess capital. This can lead to negative introspection or just waiting for the ‘big one’ to strike. Such passivity won’t do. We must take the initiative. For a broker, this means constant innovation, anticipation of clients’ needs and delivering the best solutions.

Alex Moczarski: Conclusion, Guy Carpenter Monte Carlo Press Briefing, 2014 from Guy Carpenter on Vimeo.


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