February 4th, 2015

GC Videocast - Overview of the Benefits of Holistic Balance Sheet Management

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

In the fifth installment of the Holistic Balance Sheet Management series, Russell Lee, Insurance Consultant, Mercer, shares his thoughts on how a holistic approach to capital management can benefit insurance companies in the face of challenging investment and underwriting conditions.

“I’m excited about holistic capital management because I think the opportunity to add value is enormous - when I talk to my insurance clients and look at their balance sheets, the level of sophistication on the investment/asset side is not, in my opinion, as strong as on the insurance side,” Mr. Lee said. In many companies, particularly large ones, investment decisions are made completely separately from insurance decisions. Guy Carpenter and Mercer can offer the skills and specialists to bring the two together, exploring new and innovative solutions to capital management aimed at boosting returns.

Overview of the Benefits of Holistic Balance Sheet Management

2419 advanta mercer 051114 clip 05-HD from Guy Carpenter on Vimeo.


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