June 24th, 2015

Guy Carpenter Announces MetaRisk® 8

Posted at 10:45 PM ET

Guy Carpenter today announced the release of MetaRisk® 8, the latest version of the firm’s premier risk and capital management decision-making tool.

MetaRisk 8 now features a number of new reporting and catastrophe modeling enhancements that provide greater flexibility and detailed reports. These expanded reports and database outputs can be incorporated into other systems and processes.

This latest version also introduces access to some of its functions via scripting. Scripts can now be written to create, modify, save and simulate MetaRisk projects - providing additional flexibility for the user. This is functionality that will continue to be expanded in future releases.

“With the release of MetaRisk 8, Guy Carpenter continues to increase the usability and overall functionality of its economic capital modeling tool in ways that allow our clients to better understand the drivers of risk, assess their options, and deploy their capital accordingly,”  said Donald Mango, Vice Chairman of Enterprise Analytics for Guy Carpenter. 

As one of the industry’s most dynamic and transparent risk and capital decision tools, MetaRisk allows a company to communicate its risk processes and decision rationale to all constituents - from management to shareholders, regulators and rating agencies. It also enables clients to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise risk management and impending Solvency II and ORSA requirements.

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