September 12th, 2015

GC Videocast - Rendez-Vous Press Briefing 2015 (Nick Frankland) EMEA Developments

Posted at 8:30 PM ET

2015-mc-solo_nick_franklandLooking at developments in the EMEA region, Nick Frankland, CEO of EMEA Operations, Guy Carpenter,  described the last 12 months as a “testing period” for the market. Commenting on renewal expectations, he said: “Following another benign loss year, clients will continue to seek improved terms, yet reinsurers are beginning to get near to technical minimums, which will not allow enough scope for firm orders to be easily won.” Another influencing factor, he added, will be the impact of recent M&A activity and the interplay between the new combined groups and the existing markets. “Such a dramatic tension should work to clients’ benefit as they try to find the greatest value available and construct the most responsive panels,” he concluded.

Nick Frankland: Guy Carpenter Monte Carlo Press Briefing, 2015 from Guy Carpenter on Vimeo.


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