October 25th, 2015

Guy Carpenter Launches GC AdvantagePoint®

Posted at 3:25 AM ET

Guy Carpenter today announced the release of GC AdvantagePoint®, a pioneering portfolio and risk management platform. GC AdvantagePoint is designed to help insurance companies translate vast amounts of data to help leaders set strategy and improve underwriting profitability, understand risk concentration and make more informed risk selection and deliver real-time catastrophe tracking and improved claims management.

“GC AdvantagePoint arms our clients with a distinct business advantage by transforming massive amounts of data into actionable strategy,” said Tim Gardner, CEO of US Operations for Guy Carpenter. “Guy Carpenter has a longstanding, proven history of investing in innovation and GC AdvantagePoint is our latest advancement in our legacy of helping clients manage catastrophe risk. The launch of GC AdvantagePoint clearly illustrates our ongoing commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions for our client’s increasingly complex business challenges.”

GC AdvantagePoint equips users with the critical intelligence needed to build future strategy by providing a deeper understanding of existing risks, as well as macro-level portfolio insights and the ability to drill down into specific policies. The platform delivers responsive, rapid information with a range of export capabilities that allows users to easily share data. In fact, the extensive database features insights from the industry’s broadest library of hazard data. GC AdvantagePoint also provides an agile development structure that can be customized and bespoke for each client’s unique needs.

The platform further concentrates on empowering users in the following primary functions:

Profitability & Planning: Designed for C-Suite insurance leaders to help plan, view, calibrate and set strategy to achieve optimal portfolio mix, disciplined underwriting, and grow profitably.

Underwriting: Allows users to uncover and visualize geographic concentrations of risk within a portfolio or to evaluate potential hazard risk such as terrorism, coastal windstorm or custom determined client hazards for a more complete picture of risk. Empowers more informed risk selection with an in-depth view of a new policy prior to binding through metrics such as accumulation and hazard assessment.

Event Response: Real-time catastrophe tracking to identify the potential impact of a catastrophe to help risk managers set their cat response deployment and manage claims processes.

From a functionality standpoint, the platform is designed to provide an intuitive user-experience that is highly visual, with geographical insight that is easily identifiable. GC AdvantagePoint also harnesses the intelligence of Guy Carpenter’s industry-leading portfolio management solution, GC ProfitPoint+®, which enables insurance companies to examine and improve profitability.

“The inspiration behind GC AdvantagePoint was to develop a platform that would be both nimble and functional,” said Kevin Griffiths, Executive Vice President at Guy Carpenter. “The platform empowers stakeholders across different levels of an organization - from claims professionals, underwriters, catastrophe modeling and analytics teams, as well as C-Suite leaders - with the flexibility and functionality to better understand their risks and continuously evolve in-step with the changing marketplace.”

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