December 15th, 2015

Guy Carpenter Announces MetaRisk® 8.1, the Latest Version of its Premier Economic Capital Modeling Tool Suite

Posted at 11:40 PM ET

Guy Carpenter today announced the release of MetaRisk® 8.1, the latest version of the industry’s leading dynamic financial analysis platform.

MetaRisk 8.1 offers a variety of enhancements that improve usability and increase the overall user experience and performance. 

“With the release of MetaRisk 8.1, Guy Carpenter introduces MetaRisk ModelBuilderTM to our state of the art capital modeling platform, allowing our clients to quickly and effectively build new models-essential for those getting started or sophisticated customers with goals of model validation,” said Steve White, Chief Actuary of Guy Carpenter. 

MetaRisk ModelBuilder provides the ability to use tables of operations and parameters created externally (for example in Microsoft® Excel® or SQL) to create or update objects in a MetaRisk model.  In addition, this latest version utilizes keyless security, eliminating the need for hardware security keys and also incorporates a new and more modern look and feel as part of the recent rebranding of Guy Carpenter’s Capital Modeling Solutions.

MetaRisk 8.1 also features Stochastic Currency Exchange, giving users the ability to model the effect of changes in currency exchange rates for underwriting results and assets held by the company. Further enhancements to the platform allow users to produce three new BCAR reports: Fixed Income Risk, Equity Risk and Interest Rate Risk for more detailed financial analysis. Additionally, MetaRisk 8.1 offers updated contract clauses to keep up with the needs of multi-year contract modeling, as well as adding unique new filter and other miscellaneous customizations.

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