October 11th, 2016

GC Capital Ideas Top CAT-i Stories for the Third Quarter, 2016

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Here we review the top five CAT-i stories covering July through September of 2016.

1. Hurricane Hermine: Hurricane Hermine made landfall overnight near Saint Marks, Florida, with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC). This is the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Hurricane Wilma (October, 2005). Impacts under storm surge have been quite severe for some areas of the northwest Florida coast including Cedar Key. The storm has also caused downed trees and powerlines with some structural damage.

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2. Super Typhoon Nepartak: Super Typhoon Nepartak made landfall on the southeast coast of Taiwan around 22 UTC on July 7, before final landfall as a tropical storm on Mainland China around 06 UTC on July 9. Nepartak has rendered significant flood impacts both in Taiwan and Mainland China according to media reports, with at least 10 and three dead in Mainland China and Taiwan, respectively. Flood impacts have been especially severe in Mainland China, which was affected by excessive monsoon rains just prior to Nepartak.

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3. Bluecut And Clayton Wildfires, California: The Bluecut and Clayton fires have caused significant impacts to affected areas and pose an ongoing serious threat to life and property. No serious injuries or deaths have been reported, however, the fires have destroyed multiple structures.

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4. U.S. Northern Gulf Floods: In the U.S. Northern Gulf States, a significant and historic flood event has affected areas of southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Flood impacts have been particularly severe in areas of Baton Rouge and Hammond, Louisiana. Media reports indicate at least six fatalities, several thousand water rescues and at least 2,700 homes affected.

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5. Hurricane Newton: Hurricane Newton made landfall near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico early Tuesday morning, with maximum sustained winds of 90 mph according to National Hurricane Center (NHC) advisories. Media reports indicate at least two dead and three missing. The hurricane brought tropical storm to hurricane conditions for affected areas, with reports of downed trees and power lines and some light structural damage. Reported impacts are not as severe as those of Hurricane Odile, which struck the area in 2014 as a major hurricane.

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