April 3rd, 2017

Public-Private Insurance Partnerships Bolster Latin American/Caribbean Resilience: Part V: Microinsurance Helping Close Insurance Gap

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

aidan-pope-headshot-sm26Aidan Pope, Managing Director


Not to be outdone, the private sector has demonstrated its commitment to bringing insurance solutions to emerging economies through the industry consortium and venture incubator Blue Marble Microinsurance. Blue Marble’s founding consortium has committed to launching ten microinsurance ventures in the next ten years to deliver risk management solutions to the underserved. Through collaboration with strategic partners, including government and quasi-government entities and innovative technology-enabled platforms, Blue Marble seeks to improve sustainability by expanding the role of insurance in society. These ventures will consider unique distribution methods, local partnerships, product development and impact services.

Blue Marble is currently working to close the protection gap in the risk that climate change poses to smallholder farmers in Latin America with the intention to launch pilots in 2017. Blue Marble understands the value of public sector-private sector partnerships in achieving its mission; it is coordinating its initiatives to bolster agricultural production and the management of associated risks with local government officials, including Ministers of Agriculture.

Given the recent slowdown in global demand for commodities and the persistent social inequalities and corruption in some nations, it is more important than ever for governments in the Latin America/Caribbean region not only to protect the economic and social gains made in the last decade, but provide the systems and institutions to promote further sustainable growth. Partnering with the private sector ensures the best practices, innovations and risk reduction and management techniques of the insurance industry are combined with the risk knowledge of regional governments, thereby ensuring resilient cities and communities are poised for strong future growth.

This piece first appeared on BRINK.

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