May 31st, 2017

Public-Private Sector Initiatives Address Catastrophe Risk Exposure

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Here we review recent GC Capital Ideas posts about public-private sector initiatives working to help alleviate the strain on the public balance sheet post catastrophe event.

Public-Private Insurance Partnerships Bolster Latin American/Caribbean Resilience: Globally, three of the ten most costly natural disaster events in the last 35 years occurred in total or in part in the Latin America/Caribbean (LAC) region; losses from Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean are still being assessed.

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Public Sector Risk Financing Perspectives in Europe/Middle East/Africa: On a global basis, approximately 70 percent of the economic loss caused by natural catastrophe events is not covered by insurance. This gap, the cost of uninsured events, frequently falls on governments through disaster relief, welfare payments and infrastructure repair and rebuilding. The ultimate cost of these responses causes a strain on public balance sheets and an increase in public debt, ultimately burdening taxpayers. The protection gap is increasing in emerging economies especially where the amount of natural catastrophe economic loss covered by insurance dropped from 25 percent in 2002 to approximately eight percent in 2014.

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