June 12th, 2017

GC Capital Ideas CAT-i Stories: For First Half, 2017

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

Here is a look back at the CAT-i stories covering January through mid-June of 2017.

1. U.S. SCS Outbreak January 20-22, 2017: A significant severe weather outbreak has affected areas from East Texas to the Florida Peninsula to South Carolina. These severe thunderstorms were enabled in an especially favorable environment to produce reports of tornadoes, hail and nontornadic wind gusts. One significant tornado has been confirmed by the National Weather Service to affect areas of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Probable significant tornadoes have also been reported in South Georgia. Significant property damage has been reported for areas affected by these tornadoes. Media reports also indicate downed trees and powerlines with light property damage in areas affected by other weaker tornadoes and nontornadic wind gusts.

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2. Southern U.S. Severe Thunderstorms: A severe thunderstorm outbreak has affected areas from Louisiana to Kentucky to Florida. Several tornadoes have been reported in Southeast Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. This includes a probable EF-3 tornado affecting the East New Orleans area, according to media reports. Significant property damage has been reported for several areas, with especially severe impacts for the East New Orleans tornado. Downed trees and powerlines with light to moderate property damage have been reported for affected areas of the Florida Panhandle. At least 36 injuries and one fatality have been reported in the media.

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3. Midwestern United States Flood/SCS Event, April 28 - May 4: A significant severe thunderstorm outbreak with heavy rainfall has affected areas from the Southern Plains to the Great Lakes and Northeast, with historic flooding in parts of the Central Mississippi Valley. Significant rainfall amounts of over ten inches occurred over saturated soils of the Central Mississippi Valley and surrounding watersheds. The rainfall produced historic flooding on some rivers, and the Mississippi River itself is expected to approach record flood stage at Cape Girardeau over the coming days. Flood impacts have been locally severe and include reports of property damage, numerous road closures, evacuations and water rescues. A levee breach has forced evacuations near Pocahontas, Arkansas.

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4. Canada Flood Events, May 6 - 11: A slow-moving upper-level weather pattern with an embedded frontal system has brought periods of heavy rainfall to areas of eastern Canada to include the Saint Lawrence, Ottawa and Rideau Rivers and surrounding watersheds. The heavy rainfall together with melting snow has caused significant flooding for areas of southern Québec and eastern Ontario to include areas of Montréal and the National Capital Region. Flood control measures in north Montréal were also compromised, causing the flood threat to amplify. At least 4,141 homes have been flooded in Québec.

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