October 9th, 2017

Economic Pressures Fueling the Course Taken By Decision Makers

Posted at 4:00 AM ET

Here we review recent GC Capital Ideas posts discussing the economic pressures that are fueling the course decision makers take to maintain growth.

Challenging Market is Fueling MGA M&A: Challenging market conditions are fueling growth and merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the managing general agent (MGA) space; recent acquisition multiples have been extremely high compared to historic values; should markets harden, MGAs will need to continue to prove their value through differentiation.

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Assessing Insurers in a Period of Rapid Change: Insurance Equity Analyst Survey 2016: Guy Carpenter has collaborated with Mercer to survey insurance equity analysts to understand the possible objectives and aspirations of insurance company shareholders. Incorporating or at least considering the views of various stakeholders will be critical for insurers in ensuring that they are moving along the right path, especially in this uncertain environment.

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