November 8th, 2017

Insurers Adapting in a Time of Disruption

Posted at 4:00 AM ET

Here we review recent GC Capital Ideas posts on strategies insurers may utilize to continue to achieve growth in a disruptive environment.

Integrating Growth and Enterprise Risk Management: There are indications that new A.M. Best Stochastic Based BCAR factor assignments may require more capital for companies entering a new line of business than for established writers growing in that line; companies will be under extra pressure to choose growth strategies carefully because of potential capital pressures from A.M. Best and their potential for low returns due to the extended soft positions of many markets; with current capital positions evaluated, robust and current market insight is critical to accurately assess potential growth areas.

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Reinsurance Solutions Continue to Achieve Stability and Growth for Cedents: There is a shift in buying strategies towards managing volatility; the marketplace is ‘vibrant’ as buyers capitalize on a full array of products; and the move to de-commoditize solutions is driving up product complexity.

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