November 9th, 2017

For MPL, Market Softening Continues in 2016—Signs of Pressure Emerge

Posted at 4:00 AM ET

Steve Underdal, Managing Director; Greg Bliss, Managing Director; Matt Walter, Senior Vice President and Blake Berman, Senior Vice President


Since 2010, the medical professional liability (MPL) industry has been navigating a soft market, with declining profitability, diminished investment gains and rising accident year operating ratios. Yet, reserve redundancies have kept calendar year combined ratios below 100 percent, allowing carriers to pay dividends to policyholders while maintaining favorable returns on equity. Recent trends in the MPL insurance industry, including more aggressive competition among carriers and a leveling off of frequency trends, are driving accident year combined ratios higher. Without the continued tailwind of favorable reserve development, current market rates could prove unsustainable, driving market hardening in the coming years.

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