December 14th, 2017

Little-Used Retirement Option Gets a Big Boost: Part IV

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

rains_david-5-2015-sm5mparker-sm5David A. Rains, Managing Director and Healthcare and Life Specialty Leader and Michael R. Parker, Managing Director, Senior Business Development Broker

It is likely that the enduring differentiators among companies selling variable annuities will be how they access customers and the experience they provide to customers. Rapidly concentrating market shares will favor insurers with modular product design and management, with clean components that can be separately capitalized or reinsured as needed to optimize capital usage.

For annuity writers looking to take advantage of market growth over the next decade, now is the time to act. We believe that “next generation annuities” will, after a smoldering period of unknown duration, ignite a major shift in product design that dramatically expands the market.

Product lead times are long and early movers with strong brands can maintain advantages with aggressive product development focused on simplification, transparency and delivering a compelling customer experience.

This piece first appeared on BRINK.

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