December 24th, 2018

The Dangers Lurking in the Union between Construction and Emerging Tech

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

adrian_pellan_hsAdrian Pellen, Infrastructure Segment Leader, U.S. and Canada Construction Practice at Marsh


Technology startups geared toward the construction industry are booming. Contractors are adopting wearable tech to prevent and mitigate worker injuries and using 3D printing technologies for building components. The industry has seen a proliferation of building information modeling to foster digital collaboration between architects, engineers and contractors.

Virtual and augmented reality allows contractors to build faster and more collaboratively with designers and trades. In 2018, the industry also witnessed the first blockchain-derived twin, i.e., a digital replica, of a construction project, providing the benefit of secured and unchangeable project documentation. In summary, technologies like these provide the promise of cheaper, faster and safer delivery of our built infrastructure.

With New Technologies Come New Cyber Risks

But while technology provides contractors the opportunity of attaining a competitive advantage by securing faster, cheaper and safer project delivery, risks associated with technology adoption should also be weighed. Most notably, with increasing interconnectivity of devices, digitization and the adoption of other technologies, the risk of cybercrime increases in frequency and severity.

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