March 28th, 2019

Aviation Industry May Be Vulnerable to Cyberattack Through Its Global Supply Chain

Posted at 1:00 AM ET

cyber-handbook-cover-image-smallWhile major aircraft manufacturers and airlines make obvious targets because of the potential they represent to conspicuously disrupt international commerce, they also rank high on hackers’ to-do lists because they maintain global, highly interconnected supply chains that over the past few years have been aggressively digitizing operations. More digitization means more attack surface for hackers.

The many links on aviation’s and aerospace’s supply chain - some big, many small to midsize - all become potential vulnerabilities, given the daunting task of ensuring that all vendors with access insist on the same level of rigor in both their cybersecurity and their employee training.

This Oliver Wyman-authored article appears in the latest edition of the MMC Cyber Risk Handbook, (page 32) which contains Marsh & McLennan Companies’ perspectives on major developments, specific industry implications, and strategies to increase resilience.

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