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September 10th, 2017

Industry in Investor “Sweet Spot” - GC@MC Commentary

Posted at 3:30 AM ET

richard-hewitt-smiling-smRichard Hewitt, Head of Business Intelligence, EMEA


  • Insurers bucking standard competitive cycle response
  • Current dynamics look set to continue for long term
  • Recently, investor relationship gains strength

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October 17th, 2015

Reinsurance Mergers and Acquisitions Deja-vu, Buyers Beware

Posted at 8:30 PM ET

rhewitt_2015-smRichard Hewitt, Head of Business Intelligence, EMEA


“The reinsurance market is going through a consolidation phase,” wrote Swiss Re in 1998 (1), and here we go again, or so it seems. Since 2014, there have been four mergers and acquisitions (M&As) within the reinsurance space (2) that are pure consolidations rather than transactions by an acquirer from outside the sector. To date, we estimate that this consolidation wave has affected some USD 11 billion of net premium income and 5 percent of the global reinsurance market. However, that is short of the USD 16 billion and 13 percent, respectively, for the mid-1990s. There is nothing unusual about M&A. It is a cyclical phenomenon and very much in tune with the broader financial market environment. 

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